this is the clean forums for Gryphon Love Nest, we have an adult forum, so please, leave your yiff on there, thanks ^^

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    if you are new here, please read this

    Post  Salla_Darktalon on Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:22 pm

    Gryphon Love Nest Clean is a place for all furs to enjoy themselves, we do have an adult forum on a different host that allows adult content, so there is no need to be yiffing in here, if you need to do more of an adult RP, then either make a thread in the adult forums, or you can do that in the chat, I will be looking for a prettier chat program thats free and supports other things, Anyways, keep it clean in here, there might be gryphlets watching :>. This is also a drama free zone, so please, if your having a rough day, don't cause a ruckus, if you really need someone to help you, we are more than willing to provide support, and remember, if we seem a little harsh, its not because we don't care, its because we are trying to help, if your crying over something that is sort of silly, then we will try and cheer you up, and encourage you to keep your chin up, but if your threatening to commit suicide over the same silly thing, well, its kinda weak and we really don't want you to die, we might give you a reality check, but we also will provide comfort and help. all you need to do is ask, and we will help you ^^. We are not a hate site, therefore we will not tolerate any form of racism, whether it be towards humans of different races or furs of different races, we do not like being called pillow stuffing, nor do you mammals like being called fuzzball, foxes don't like being called fox sluts and even nastier names that you could come to mind, even IF such comments are true, you should keep it to yourself, so please keep the racism to your self, if you don't like someone, don't talk to them, if you do not like avians or mythics, then your in the wrong place here, you did not need to be here, therefore you made a silly choice in even making an account on a site that clearly screams mythical avians ahead, when you don't even like them, so don't take it too personal if we ban you for making racial remarks about anyone here. the other rules of the site do apply here other than the fact that yiffing is not allowed as I have already stated that we HAVE a place for adult anthro content, so please follow the rules and keep things clean and we will have no problems here.

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