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    Why I Don't Want an iPad for Christmas


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    Why I Don't Want an iPad for Christmas Empty Why I Don't Want an iPad for Christmas

    Post  james21 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:24 am

    The Cost of the Add-Ons:The iPad starts at $499 plus tax. That's nearly twice as much as a netbook.A familiar silhouette updated with an extended shaft, the Women's Highkoo is sure to keep you stylish. And I know if I get the cheapest iPad I'll regret it. It has only 16 gigabytes' storage. And it can only go online when you are in a WiFi hotspot, like at home or in Starbucks. A lot of the iPad's best features need an Internet connection. This boot can be dressed up or down, while never forgetting the comfort from UGG you know and love.So if I want to use them wherever I go, I'll want the model with a 3G data plan that works everywhere.And those start at $629, plus at least $15 a month.
    The Games:Yes, they're great. But that's the problem. Computer games are as addictive as cigarettes. And this is a habit everyone is taking up, not quitting. This is why I dumped my iPod Touch. Am I alone? Maybe. But I don't think so. I know lots of people with horror stories about addiction to immersive games. Someone I know—now, as it happens, The Women's Joslyn pairs traditional UGG styling with a sleek silhouette on a 3" wedge. This is a must-have for the Fall.a British member of parliament—once sat down to play Civilization, a role-playing game, on a PC one Saturday evening and didn't finish until three o'clock … Thursday morning. And that was on an old PC. Games on the iPad are more intense than ever. A friend recently showed me some of the serious news apps on his iPad.
    The Waste:The scarcest resource in life isn't money, land, fresh water or gold.The Women's Kensington is a motorcycle boot with the comfort you've come to expect from UGG. The upper is plush leather fully lined with genuine sheepskin, For singles under 25, the scarcest resource is sex, and for the rest of us it's time. And the biggest waste of time I've ever discovered—after games (see above)—is the Web. Nothing comes close. It's a total black hole. Do I want to carry a device that lets me surf the Web endlessly wherever I am?has buckle details and a signature UGG logo metal hardware on the heel. The insole is genuine sheepskin and the outsole is EVA with molded rubber pod inserts for the best durability and traction.
    It'll Get Boring:This year's totem is next year's meh.The Women's Gissella is a short, ankle style boot on a 3" rubber wedge with a signature UGG buckle across the instep. Economists call this "the hedonic treadmill." Human beings quickly get bored of each new item. We always want the buzz from something newer, better, bigger, faster or fancier. But the treadmill never stops. Think of how amazing the first Palm Pilots seemed back in the 1990s.The upper and lower are both genuine Twinface sheepskin, adding warmth and comfort to this stylish, edgy boot. Look at them now. The iPad may look like the eighth wonder of the world today. Soon it will seem so old.
    The Whole Apple Cult is Starting to Creep Me Out:OK, I already knew about the fans. Last summer,Luxurious leather and a classic, sleek silhouette describe the Women's Maxene.Three-quarters of the people standing in line so they could buy the new iPhone the moment it went on sale already owned an iPhone. But now it's the company, too. Look at how it reacted last spring, when a Silicon Valley blogger scooped an early iPhone 4: Next thing he knew he was being handcuffed on his lawn in front of his wife while police ransacked his house. And think of Steve Jobs, complaining that news coverage of the iPhone 4's troubled aerial had been "blown so out of proportion that it's incredible."Featuring a belted collar and a 3 inch wedge heel, the Maxene combines classic style with warmth.

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