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    NBA executive director '99 percent sure' lockout looms


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    NBA executive director '99 percent sure' lockout looms

    Post  james21 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:35 am

    NBA Players Association Executive Director Billy Hunter said Monday thathe is?S 99 percent?rthere will lockout thenext summer. "I think thatit is very likely thatthere will be a lockout and c 'is what I prepare for because I do not see anything right now, "Hunter said.With negotiations toward a new collective agreement to replace one that expires theNext summer is going nowhere, Hunter stated thathe was asked his players to save their money.There no breakthrough in the last meeting with representatives of the League last week,Jordan shoes and the parties hope to meet again next month. But Hunter said the owners are not budge on their demands for wage cuts, the length of contracts and guarantees, annual raises, and the rookie salary scale.
    "ThatIs what is left?"Hunter said in a conference room at the union headquarters after helping distribute turkeys to families c 2000?outside.The tees have been negotiating for moreone year, but Hunter agreed with Commissioner David Stern thatit doesthere has been no progress. And the players are no longer agree to cuts that the league is looking. "I really do not see thatargument all that compelling for the changes thatthey'll ask, "Hunter said.The league calls for a reduction in co?ts player salary of $ 700 to $ 800 million and is looking fora salary cap to replace the system that now allows certain exceptions.
    Players cons that the current system has worked, pointing to record revenues and ticket sales, and good odds oflistening. They say that the total negotiated wages declined for three consecutive seasons and expect an increase of 3 to 5 percent of revenue in 2010-11.Air jordan shoes "It seems that things are made all rights and our position is that we want to do what is best for the game?Said Knicks guard Roger Mason Jr., a member of the senior players. "In all his?is that we can improve the game as anactors, on behalf of a lot of guys, we're all for it. But we do not want tohave an agreement which doesis not fair and it 'is what we believe is presented to us at this time. "
    Hunter said the League doeshas not given anyinformation on the union's proposal presented in July. He offered no details of it except to say the players might be open to negotiation of their guarantee of 57 percent of the salesbusiness - who said Stern is a central issue in the next CBA.Hunter added that the players believe that their proposal resonated with some owners,Nike Air Jordan but blame others - a group he called warmongering - to push a deal Hunter Stern said thatit will not guarantee that each owner a minimum annual profit of $ 10 million.And Hunter, who has been mostly silent while Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver has revealed elements of their wish list last month, decided thatit's time to talk to them.
    I think the message should be brought home so I guess the hawkish group of owners that if they are inclined 'sthey want us locked out - because we don 'will not strike - if they are locked out and they want to pull the roof down on themselves, then hey, go ahead, "Said.Both Hunter Hunter and Stern indicated that progress must be made by All-Star break in February to reduce the fears ofwork stoppage is the first time since 1998. Hunter doess is not?that r?was going to come fromUntil then, saying thatit is "waiting for some sign,Air Jordans a movement from the owners thatthey want to reach a reasonable agreement. "Currently, they are unreasonable and I can not tell you when the reason goes to,he said.Notes: The NBPA plans to distribute more than 8,000 turkeys to families in cities NBA They have already given in Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans, with stops planned in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

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    Re: NBA executive director '99 percent sure' lockout looms

    Post  kun21 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:39 am

    so,I think you could find the better ways.

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